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Meet the Farmers

James McCann

Co-Founder of Tularosa Farm, and the 
De Luz Coffee Company, headquartered at Tularosa Farm. 

A committed conservationist, James spearheads our rainwater-harvesting earthworks design, maintains the gardens and nursery, and tends the farm's livestock.

Originally from the agriculturally rich Willamette Valley in Oregon, he travelled extensively and lived several years in Sweden before ending up in Southern California. He has a background in International Business and Marketing, 

is fluent in Swedish, and enjoys preparing hedonistically delicious eats from our home grown food.

Co-founder of Tularosa Farm and Lead Floral and Event Designer for Tularosa Flowers.

Dawn never expected to become a farmer, yet she is focused on the plants and guilds being grown on the farm and in finding varieties of perennial and annual crops suited to the dry conditions of Southern California. Her love of edible flowers is given full reign on the farm and she heads up development of new products in our edible flower line.

A full time floral and event designer for weddings, Dawn also helps out with the poultry and garden. You can see her design work by clicking on the link below. Born and raised in big cities her whole life she has lived and worked in Miami, NYC, Chicago, Los Angeles, Berkeley and all over the world. She is fluent in 4 languages and has a Master's degree in Design from NYU. 

Dawn Weisberg

Growing Entrepreneurs

We've found our farm to be fertile ground for our creativity and have both launched businesses since leaving the city. 

You can find out more about our farm-grown businesses below.

Empower Sustainable Farms.

Through direct trade relationships we are able to partner with coffee farmers around the world, supporting and assisting their sustainable & regenerative agriculture practices. Each bag of coffee we sell supports this cause.

Why We're Great >

The limitless variety of nature is the inspiration for Tularosa floral and event design. Wild, seasonal, luscious, color, texture, and scent all interweave to bring you and your event exquisite florals and design.   Whenever possible we use our own organic farm grown products or products from other local farms as part of the sustainability of our company.

Why We're Great >

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