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What is


Permaculture or "Permanent Agriculture" is a holsitic system of design that creates a blueprint for integrative, natural, chemical free farming 

Farming with Nature

Seasonal, sustainable, holistic.

That is the essence of Tularosa Farm. 

We are a small family run Permaculture farm located in Northern San Diego County. An appreciation and love of nature is what led Dawn and James away from the city to start their farming adventure. 


We specialize in bringing you farm direct products grown and made without chemicals to nourish and enrich your life. In addition to what we grow ourselves, we work with neighboring farms to bring you products that are grown without chemicals or pesticides.  A portion of our farm is dedicated to wildlife, and is left as natural habitat for native flora and fauna, ensuring diversity for the future, and providing an outdoor lab for us to study and learn from nature.

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