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Farm Fresh


From our own farm and others close by farms we bring you the freshest produce, bursting with sun ripened flavor. Our offerings change according to the seasons, so check back often to see what's new! 

How it Works

We sell our seasonal fruit by the box. This way we are able to ship you the most amount of fruit at the best price and you save on shipping. We ship domestically to all states with the exception of

Alaska, Florida and Hawaii. Coffee and Farm Products are shipped to all states. 


Unlike most commercially farmed produce, our fruit is allowed to ripen on the tree or vine so you will experience fruit flavor that is bursting with the essence of California Sunshine.

We use beyond organic methods on our farm because we know that nature can be enriched by good stewardship of the land. There are no chemicals used at Tularosa Farm, we don't want to eat food covered in pesticides and we don't want you to either. We make our own fertilizers and compost on the farm from our livestock creating a system that naturally enriches the land. Each purchase you make directly supports sustainable farming in harmony with nature. 

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